“I’m Out”, Finalized the Employee

A short story of employees, co-workers, and managers.

“We are over time, over budget and overworked. Things aren’t working. We need to improve how we do this work”, suggested the employee.

I learned how to be a manager in business school and I know all these different managerial styles so I recommend putting your concern aside based on this business priority evaluation model I studied“, declared the manager.

I’ve been working this way for over a decade and we’re still running just fine, interjected the senior employee.

“It’s not your place to make decisions about strategy, your role is to execute”, offered the assistant.

These are sensitive subjects and you should reflect on whether you should talk about them at all“, suggested HR.

I’m a busy person and my agenda is already filled with more significant concerns, rationalized the C-level executive.

No one listens or gives me the approval/permission to fix this myself“, decided the employee.

This employee is a bad team-player and has a negative attitude, decided the manager.

It’s obvious this employee still has much to learn, there’s still so much for me to teach them“, decided the assistant.

“I’m out”, finalized the employee.

Closing thoughts

We’re all just people.

Take responsibility. Communicate. Be more than just your job title. Be willing to be human and work on things together. It makes everyone’s world better.